Clients Management System

Downloads Section

All promotional material like presentations, reports, brochures and other .pdf / .doc / .xls / .ppt files can be added / edited / deleted using this section by the Administrator only.

For providing ultimate security, we have enabled download facility only to registered members, that too when they login the website.

You can now easliy upload files on your website, without use of FTP client server, or fire ftp’s which can be heavy and at time unsecured from trojans and threats. The download link is made visible on downloads section of website. You can add description about each downloadable file, to guide users with files content.
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Case Study Section

Case studies are a potential tool, they illustrate your point and demonstrate the benefits of what it is, you’re trying to sell in a real life situation that people can relate to. The website goes beyond being merely a billboard of pricing and booking information, and moves towards actually trying to solve their customers’ problems.

By providing visitors with the opportunity to download case studies and learn more about your company, products and services, the website sells through education, which surely in this evolving age of transparency and trust should be marketing’s objective.

The case study section of CMS enables you to add case study story with title, content and even provides field to upload PDF files which are visible on Case study section of website with Downloadable link. We have HTML editors in Case study description tab to stylize your case study content.