User Management System


Client login software free with our Content Management System!

A client login lets your clients access all their available features in one handy place, with the minimum fuss for the client and yourself. It allows you to keep confidential information confidential, while permitting collaboration between your business and the client online. It can substantially increase your credibility in the client’s eyes, as well as reducing the chance for mis-communication, making the client management process occur more smoothly.

A User management system enables you with Secure password protection, Admin login, that can input new clients / users, you can view their profile, add, modify delete, send newsletters, from admin section. Your clients can download necessary files from website or add testimonials on site, only after login.

Customer Login / New User Sign up

This section will provide the facility for the customers of the company to register their login names online. On authentication from the database the customers will get access to the pages on the website which are otherwise restricted for the normal visitors of the site. Registered customers can login any time to the website and access crucial company pages.
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Forgot Password / Change Password

This section will provide the facility to change password or reset or get new password, if one user / customer forgets or need to chage password for protection. We have a secured forgot password retrieval module, within our User management system which can even work on SSL websites.
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Add / Modify / Delete / Activate Profile from Admin

You can add, edit or delete any User / client profile from content management system admin. The User account will be activated only after authentication from the database. You can send newsletters, emails to all registered clients at one instance from our content management system.
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Enquiry Manager

The Enquiry Manager will allow the user to easily and effectively manage the enquiries received as a response to your company products. An option for sorting of the enquiries product-wise, date-wise, brand-wise, amount-wise can also be developed.
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