General questions

How does your Content Management Software differ from other similar services?

Creative Content Management Software is a customized software, designed and developed by team of professionals. Unlike open source software, which may be easily hacked, or where there is a security threat. Creative provides unique design, unique solutions to each of its clients, so you always get a unique website design, unlike open source softwares, which have limitations for designs. Open source Content Management systems are studied by our professionals, and they are not that easy for a layman to start with. You need an IT savvy person to install open source CMS on your domain, and for data feeding as well. Whereas Creative CMS is designed in a very simple way, so that even a layman can feed data on the website.

Creative Content Management Software is developed in what technology?

Creative Content Management Software can be developed in PHP with Mysql for the datatabase or with Mssql database. Both of the software solutions will have same features or even more than that. Prices of CMS solutions are higher than PHP CMS software solutions.

Do you provide AMC / customer support along with the software?

We design and develop your entire CMS website within a span of 60 days. Though our CMS software being simple and easy enough, we still train clients staff on data feeding. And assist with datafeeding of common pages like about us, contact us and so. We provide 1 month warranty to client after launching the CMS website, for clients to test and work on it, so that if any support required, can be given to client. After one month, client needs to take AMC from us for the Content Management System website. We invite local clients / staff to our office, and even share screens, email, Content management, phone support, for training on CMS admin. CMS admin training can be started from the next day, admin launched on the domain, till the warranty period. We do not provide on site cusotmer support, unless contracted.

Do you provide source code with the Content management software?

Yes we do provide this service, We have two options for our Basic and advanced CMS customers, one with source code and one without source. Those who are looking for low budget CMS solutions, we provide them CMS software without source code, the client may not be able to edit any file or add any new file to the CMS software. In without source code option clients needs to compulsorily take our hosting service, which wil be renewed on yearly basis. Our with source code option is charged more than the earlier option, but in this, client can add, edit, any file of CMS software, install files on his server and can even shift to other web developers for his website editing needs. In both options, we provide license for single domain only.

Can I use Creative CMS on more than one website at the same time?

No. In all our CMS solutions we provide, single domain licence only. If you need CMS for more than one domain, you have to buy our software license for new domain too. However we can provide reduced cost for multiple domain CMS software.

If I can forget my CMS login passwords. How can I recover it?

To recover your Content Management System Admin login, password, please email us at [email protected] Our administrator will find it for you, and email you the same. We do not share your passwords, its done on the server admin side itself. Once login, you can change passwords again on your own. For user logins, you get mailing supports for change ot forget password needs.

Can I have the Content Management system translated into my language?

Yes we have designed Content Management Software website for few of our clients in German, Hindi, Marathi. CMS website can be installed in any language avaliable on web.

How many design options do I get from CMS website?

If you go for ready web design templates, we just replace images, graphics provided by you, and integrate same to the CMS website. in This method, the delivery is fast, we generally deliver ready web design template CMS solutions within 30 working days. If you opt for customized design solutions for your CMS website, we provide 3 different website mockups, with three different themes. Once selected, we provide those themes with two colour options suggested by you. On approval of home page design, we provide inside page two mockups for selection. Customized design solutions generally take 60 working days for CMS website delivery.

Am I suppose to pay extra, if I need Flash on my CMS website?

In ready template solution, we do not provide flash website design for CMS software. In cusotm dsign solutions, we have a standard, package of 3 web design mock ups, for home page and 2 web design mockups for inside page, plus flash header banner design for home page. If you need flash in insid epages or any where else, you have to pay extra for that. We can assist you with customized design solutions.

Do you provide data feeding along with CMS advance standard plan?

We do provide content on common pages like contact us, about us. Our software is designed very simple, so that even a layman can understand, adding content on the website. We even train your staff on datafeeding, from the next day of CMS admin launched, till warranty period. For complete website datafeeding, you have to contract us for same. We charge Rs 300 per page / A4 size genuine / SEO frienldy content writing services. Communication can be done using screen sharing, Content management, email, phone support. We do not provide onsite customer support.

Do you provide customized features / addons in advance CMS? How much time will custom requirement take?

We do provide customized solutions addons, along with advance CMS like blogs, polling, image editors and many others. Standard CMS installation, will take minium 60 days, any customized features timeline would be extended after the 60 days of CMS installation, depending upon contract. We do provide cusotm features before Standard CMS, if needed, requested in advance and contracted for same.


Who will install the Content Management Software on my website?

We give turn key web solutions right from domain, webspace, design, software development and web marketing. We will design unique CMS website and install it on server, once final payment of contract and approval fro client is received. Admin will be installed within 7 days from date of sign up, so that you may start adding content to the website.

How much time will it take to make my CMS website online?

Basic CMS takes maximum 45 working days from date of reciept of all input requirements from clients. Advance CMS will take maximum 60 working days from date of receipt of all input requirements. Ready templates web design solutions can be delivered within 30 days.

Can I install addons along with Content Management Software?

Yes we do provide customized feature solutions along with out content management system. As said we are a turn key web solutions company. We have already provided customized features like shopping cart, blogs, forum, networks, seo softwares, erp along with our Content Management System.

Billing questions

What will be the terms of payment?

The payment terms will be 50:30:20. While signing up, you have to pay 50% of contracted amount. Second installment will be due, once design is finalised. Third installment will be due after completing the project. Please note: First installment is necessary for starting any project. You will be given 1 month warranty period from from date of website being launched, to test and solve bugs, if any. After 1 month, you will have to take AMC for further customer assistance and new addons. Send us inquiry at [email protected] for further information, if needed.

Can I cancel the contract once done payment?

We generally do not entertain this once admin is launched. However if you have an urgency to cancel the contract for any reason, you will have to pay the service charges for the amount of time our staff spent on your project till the date, and then cancel the contract. The difference amount will be calculated on base of contract amount divided by no. of days developers worked on project.

What if your developers delay the project time line, will I be compensated for same?

We believe in delivering projects on time. We generally mention more days in contract, to avoid the above cases. We have delivered projects before stated time line in the contract. However if project delays for more than a week for some reasons, compensation will be given as per the contract. If project delays due to delay in delivering inputs, feedbacks on mockups, content, payment installments, uncertainities, delay timeline cannot be counted for compensation.

Can I access Content Management Admin from my home?

Yes. you can access CMS admin from any browser, any machine, any location, all you need is right login name and password.

Can I go for new features, once contracted for Creative standard Content Management System?

Yes you can ask for customized feaures in your CMS. But custom feature timelines will generally start after 60 days of Advance CMS installation or as mentioned in the contract. We can delivery projects even earleir than that. You need to contract accordingly..

If I want to change domain name where the CMS is currently installed, will I be charged?

Within 1 month warranty period or within AMC, we do not charge extra. But without AMC or after warranty period, you will be charged a nominal fee.

Can I go for SEO software after one year from launching CMS website on my domain?

You can go for SEO software any time you want, its a n addon and can be installed whenever needed. However we generally recommend to install it before launchin website, so that your cache pages do not disappear in search engines.

How can I pay for your service?

We accept credit cards, PayPal payments and checks, bank transfer, Demand drafts. Content Management website will be launched only after making full payment.


Can I resell your system?

Yes you can, we are providing a simple and professional software, which any one can sell it under our brand names. If you wish to sell under your Brand name, different rates will be applicable.