PHP WordPress CMS

For Linux

PHP WordPress CMS that covers complete life cycle of web pages on your site, from adding content, publishing, and archiving. WordPress is a tool that allows to create cost effective web sites. Now you can get cost effective web site with following modules: articles, news, product catalogue, users, orders, banners, blog, newsletter subscription and many more.

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For Windows

Creative CMS for, now in more advanced technology, enhanced with Internet marketing features, Professional look and Creative ideas. Creative CMS contains a package of functional templates, and bespoke design solutions with News, Wiki, Photo Galleries, FAQs, RSS, Videos, Products, Gateways, Data Entry, Polls and many more.

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Dos while choosing CMS

Various CMS Options

You need to know that there are several CMS providers in the market, with different features and functionalities. Take your time & make a better choice without forcing yourself into using a particular CMS, if it’s not matching your requirements.


Do not buy a CMS website without trying it. Ask for a demo and you yourself try CMS various features from admin and website front end to get better idea.

Easy User Interface

CMS should be simple to use by anyone visiting your website. Apart from effectively managing your website, you should also provide great user experience

Do not rely on biased data

Make your study thorough before choosing a CMS. Do not rely on biased informations like forums or advertisement content, because they will always have their favourite CMS which they would like to sell.

Expensive does not means best

All that glitters is not gold. Just because a CMS is expensive, doesn’t mean that it is better than a cheaper options, or even an open source option. Compare features, and management cost before selecting CMS.

Defining Your Business Needs

While choosing the right CMS that fits your business make sure that you look not only at specific needs, but broader needs as well. So that you get an effective CMS, within your budget. Sellers will give you attractive features, as many, but all asks for a cost. Here are few tips which will help you determine same: