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Creative provides Content Management System,CMS,Content Manger,Content Management Software Solutions for managing dynamic websites more professionally and effectively.

Please see Content Management Screenshot below:

Web Content Management System Dashboard
A simple Login form to enter the Content Management System Admin. Secured passwords will be provided to clients which can be chnaged from admin any time. We have made our DASHBOARD simple enough, so that one can get links easily and loads fast in all machines.
Inquiry Management
The Enquiry Manager will allow the user to easily and effectively manage the enquiries received as a response to your company products. An option for sorting of the enquiries product-wise, date-wise, brand-wise, amount-wise will be developed on request.
Customer Management
You can add, edit or delete any User / client profile from content management system admin. The User account will be activated only after authentication from the database.
Web Content Management Software System – CMS software services, by Creative, are provided in two different programming languages to support Linux web hosting as well as web hosting customers. We offer PHP Web Content Management System (affordable cost effective PHP Web CMS software) and Web Content Management System (advanced technology Dotnet web CMS software)