CMS Other Features

Mailing Support

Creative CMS enables you with mailing support facility, in which you will recieve emails for your when you request for changing password or forget password, new client registers, online inquiries etc.
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Customized Design Solutions / Ready Web Design Templates

We provide fully customized design solutions for your Content Management website. If you need quick deleivery, we cna even integrate CMS with ready template designs. We have many ready web design templates for various areas of services.
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Google Analytics Integration

Along with Creative CMS we provide basic integration of Google analytics script in all pages of the website. Basic integration will permit you access to traffic details, country details, keyphrases, visitors using keyphrases and their rankings.
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Inquiry Manager

The Enquiry Manager will allow the user to easily and effectively manage the enquiries received as a response to your company products. An option for sorting of the enquiries product-wise, date-wise, brand-wise, amount-wise will be developed on request.
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Creative CMS Addons

SEO Software Integration

Our content management software also can be masked with SEO friendly url’s, auto meta tags, alt, tags, heading tags, generation. You can target en number of keywords with our CMS. This feature will be treated as an addon with Creative Advance CMS and will be charged separately.


Integration with Facebook / Twitter

Page like News, press releases and case studies, are updated on frequent basis. Many times, you wish to share news, press releases with your network on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. No you dont have to manually add on all website, data added on CMS can be seen on such sites as well with out integration services. This service will be treated as an addon and charged separately.


Poll / Online Vote Management System

Create unlimited polls, Collect unlimited responses. You can add as many polls and online voting topics from admin. Responses will be measured in terms of ratio. As it is customized solution, will be treated as an addon with Creative Advance CMS and will be charged separately.


Video Streaming

You can now add videos wihtin your web pages, withiin your content. Embedded video scripts from Google, You tube, can now be added from Admin automatically to your web pages, at a very ease and with speed. You do not neede dependency on programmers to add it for you. You can edit, delete it any time fro CMS.


Premium Support

One of our biggest strengths is our excellent costumer support thanks to the communication channels like client extranet, email, phone, Instant messengers and fax. Good communication is always maintained with clients. We even provide personalized support in local zones.

Premium Webspace

We even provide webspace. Our Linux servers are premium Xeon servers with high bandwidth, 99.99% uptime, ultimate security and less websites to enhance speed.


CMS Data feeding

Managing website has always been a second area of need, in the daily core of business. Many customers find it difficult to add content on their website due to lack of, need for professional quality content and many others. Now we even provide content writing services. Our Professional content writing charges differ from content to content.


Rss feeds

Create Rss automatically now for your regular news, articles, press release, what news and blogs update. You can now easliy create and submit RSS to various Rss data grabbing sites.