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Creative CMS provides an easy way to update news area of your website!

The News management system provides an easy way to professionally publish an online news publication, online events, corporate press releases, or manage other content on the Web without technical expertise. It combines content creation, graphics, and publication controls into one turn-key CMS software.Links to news sections and stories can be featured in appropriate areas throughout the website. The news management system, combines all features you’ll find in today’s high-end article / news management scripts: 

In Built HTML Editors

In built HTML editors help you stylize your news content, with colours, highlights in long description tab of news management system. You can even uplaod images for each news.
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Display News Date Wise

The news management system in built in our CMS, displays news date wise and alphabet wise in user news section of your website. Page Navigations to other news, old news are enabled.
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Show / Hide News on website

Now you can add news in advance in admin and save it on server. Be it visible on website or not. Our content management system has this feature to show / hide news / events / press releases. We have an option whereby links to news sections and news content can be featured in appropriate areas throughout the website.
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Add News / Events / Press releases

The news management system has in built three sections for News, Events and Press releases. Now you can add stories and characterize it as News or Events or Corporate Press Releases. All of them can be visible on respective sections on the website.
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