How To Choose the Right Sunscreens or Face Packs in Dubai?

Earlier it was believed that a 15 SPF product would offer adequate UV protection under most conditions. Over the last few decades, that school of thought has changed. It’s now believed that often more sun protection is needed.

Experts say that one should apply a sunscreen and face packs that can protect your skin from enough UV rays. Here’s a helpful guide to determine your skin type and choose the right sunscreens in Dubai.

UV-A Protection

When shopping for an online sunscreen cream, go for a wide range of sunscreen spectrum that can protect you against UV-A and UV-B rays. A good quality protect for your skin can contain the ingredients to have a sun protection factor of least print.

Read labels

People often avoid reading the labels of products. In truth, reading the labels of any product is an important task you should never turn a blind eye. Look for the brand which is waterproof. Also, make sure the sunscreen you are choosing has no contain para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), especailyl when you are aware of foot activities.

Measure Protection Level

Before choosing a sunscreen cream, it is advisable to measure the protection level. Make sure it includes titanium oxide and zinc oxide. These are the important materials that can help you against the harmful UV lights. Don’t buy any product that includes chemicals.

Make sure the following ingredients are available in the product as they can block harmful UV lights. These ingredients are the following:
1. Padimate O homosalate
2. octylmethoxycinnamate
3. benzophenone
4. octyl salicylate
5. phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic
6. octocrylene.

Sunscreen and Liquid Foundation

It’s always confusion whether or not you should apply a liquid foundation over the sunscreen. No issue you can use powder. However, when you do it, it is important to wait for the sunscreen to dry completely before applying it.

Itching after Sunscreen

If you face any itching problem after the application of sunscreen, it means the product you have chosen doesn’t suit your skin texture. Different types of sunscreen creams and face packs are available in Dubai online market. If you need any help to choose the right product, seek health expert advice visit DAILYBN.


If you have allergies, you should consult your doctors when choosing sunscreen. You should avoid damaging your skin by choosing wrong sunscreen products. So, consider the above things before choosing the right sunscreen or face packproducts.